WHOLESALE TEST Almost Famous x Lou's: Tijuana Hot Sauce

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We've teamed up with burger legends Almost Famous to bring you the pengest sauce in town. Inspired by the tastes of Mexico, our sauce packs a powerful punch of flavour with fermented habanero, red jalapeño, and smokey chipotle peppers.

The perfecto balance of sweet, smokey, and sour, with a load of garlic and lime for extra goodness. Whether you're munching a burger, burrito, or bowl of cereal (we won't judge), a splash of our hot sauce will elevate your meal to the next level.

Ready to add some flavour to your life? Grab a bottle of the good stuff and join the party!

Heat level: Medium

Size: 150ml Squeezy

Ingredients: Fermented chilli mash (red jalapeño, habanero, chipotle, salt), tomato, red wine vinegar, lime juice, onion, garlic, sugar, spices, herbs, liquid smoke, xanthan gum

Suitable for vegans, however please note that this product is batched in a kitchen that may use other allergens.